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AD Semi

AD Semiconductor is one of the professional semiconductor manufacturer in Korea for Touch Key Sensor Solutions (1CH/ 2CH/ 4CH/ 6CH/ 8CH/ 12CH/ 16CH/ 20CH) & Module Solution (Seat Sensor Module / Water Level Sensor Module / Touch Cap) which serve their parts to many leading consumer electronics companies such as LG, Samsung, Haier, TCL, Daewoo, etc.


Below show some of the AD Semiconductor product application as well as the product classification per each application

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IK Semi

IK SEMI is one of the professional semiconductor manufacturer in Korea for IC designs & manufacturing in the field of the Standard Logic & Analog IC.

Below show some of the IK SEMI product application as well as the competitors brands in similar application.


KEC Corporation  is one of the professional semiconductor manufacturer in Korea  which expertise in non-memory semiconductor  such as Transistor, Diode, IC, MOSFET, Etc.

Their products were used in many leading electronics companies such as Apple, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, Liteon, Haier, Foxconn, etc.

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Diotec Semiconductor founded in 1973 and is specializes in the production of diodes and rectifiers and becomes a known brand throughout Europe.


Diotec Semiconductor advantages

  • Shorter leadtime - 4-6 weeks in comparable to competitors brands like Diode Inc, NXP, Vishay, On Semi, STM (Diode series)

  • Price Competitiveness - Diotec Semiconductor have a pricing edge in comparable to competitors brands like Vishay, On Semi, STM other than China brands, Taiwan brands,  Diode Inc, NXP which  Diotec Semiconductor have showcase an outstanding quality in term of yield failure.

  • Customized solutions – Diotec offer customized solutions for semiconductor chips, packages, configuration of leads, etc

  • On-time delivery - More than 95% on time delivery per customer request date

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Sungho Electronics, a professional manufacturer of film capacitors , power supply and automation equipment from Korea, established since 1973.

With their long professional experiences over 40 years and strong R&D Team, Sungho Electronics has become the biggest film capacitor provider for Samsung Group and LG Group and also was selected as “World Class 300 company” by Korean Government.

Their recent success including many well-known projects such as Samsung & LG - LED and 3D TV , HomePod with Apple, X-Box One with Microsoft, Play Station 4 with Sony, Wii game console with Nintendo, Lite-On, Delta , etc.

To prepare for the future, Sungho Electronics is also investing and researching in film capacitors for Hybrid / Electronics Vehicles and solar inverter.

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SanRex is one of the Japan maker has been a global pioneer in Power Semiconductor developed such as Diodes, Thyristors (SCR), and Triac products.

Sanrex products were used for wide range of application such as Welding & Plasma Cutting Machines, Motor Drives, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Battery Chargers, SCR Controllers, and Inverters with many other designs where power conversion is needed.


Morecrafts is the professional manufacturer for various connectors, including board-to-board, board-to-wire and wire-to-wire, as well as cable assemblies for very diverse applications.


With decades of experience with global well-known electronic contract manufacturers, Morecrafts’ professional service has been widely recognized. By working with Morecrafts, you can be sure of reliable quality, competitive price, and fast delivery.

In addition to standard range, customized connector can be qualified to design, develop and manufacture to complete your interconnection requirements

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Opto Eng

Opto  Eng Inc. is a professional manufacturer from Korea which specialize in LED light source of Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared rays, and Opto Sensor modules of composite functions.

Opto  Eng Inc. can support total services reach to the design and development planning, manufacturing and technology consulting in regard to optical convergence fields such as;

- Photonics Medical and Healthcare Appliances

- Banking and Industrial Appliances

- IoT & ICT Application Solution Appliances and New Appliances of Eco-friendly

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NetSol Co., Ltd., an acronym for Network Solution from Korea, is a fabless memory design house founded by an experienced world best memory team in partnership with SAMSUNG.

NetSol's initial focus will be on high-speed, high-reliability and low latency memory products for the network markets; including wired and wireless LAN switches, routers, interfaces and to provide memory solution needing low-latency, high-speed, wide I/Os with longevity and reliability.


Nissen Electronics  is one of a professional fuse manufacturer from Japan which expertise in producing fuses and cables including Micro Fuses, Glass Tube Fuses, Ceramic Tube Fuses, UTP cable, Optical Fiber Cable, Communication Cable,Micro Cable and  Magnet wires


Their products are used in many leading electronic companies such Mitsubishi Electric Group, Panasonic Group, Hitachi Group, Daikin Industries, Fujitsu General, etc.

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iiTronics is an ODM Representative for a Japanese Resistor Manufacturer who specializes in passive components focusing on both general & niche types of resistors. 

Their products are highly reliability for Consumer, Industrial & Automotive(High power & Sensing) applications such as Computer (N/B,M/B,IPC,PDA), Communication (Cable Modem, LAN, HUB, Router, ADSL, VDSL, Cell Phone, WLAN, Consumer Electronics(Digital Camera, Game consoles),Industrial Electronics (Instrument),Power (DC-AC Inverter, SPS, Adapter, Charger, DC-DC Converter, Battery Pack for N/B & Cell Phone, Ballast.

Chip Sun

Chip Sun Technology Co., Ltd. devotes to their own R&D,  and manufacture Frequency components,  specializes in mainly products include a series of DIP and SMD, Quartz Crystal resonators, Monolithic Crystals filter, Separate components, Ceramic filter, Ceramic resonator, SAW series which could be research and development of according with customers needs.


Their products are widely used in mobile phones, Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, walkie talkie, cordless phone, automotive electronics, home appliances, notebook, base stations, radar and microwave communications.

ChipSun - summary page.jpg

Jiangsu Wenrun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd, well known as Wenrun, was established on year 1992 with capital of total RMB135million.


With their professional experience in LED fields for more than 20 years, Wenrun has become one of the largest and the most professional manufacturers specialized in LED encapsulation and semi-conductor lighting products. Wenrun products has also enlarged from traditional LED lamps and LED displays to high power white LED for lighting, Automotive lighting applications, and the large-scale productivity of LED components has reached the highest level in China.


Their customer include OEM for household application such as Samsung, LG, Siemens and communication customer such as ZTE, Huawei, Asus, and Gemtek. Furthermore, Wenrun also serve automotive customer such as Toyota, Chery, Geely as well as Volkswagen.

Wenrun website summary.jpg

Established in 1998, Winstar Display Co. Ltd has devoted itself to the manufacturing and development of high-quality products for the Industrial LCD Displays including monochrome TN/STN/FSTN LCM, COG LCD, VATN-LCD, TFT LCD and OLED display modules  With more than 20 years experience


Winstar has become the No. 1 of the leading industrial display manufacturer in the field of small & medium sized displays and its continuous innovating allowed it to secure several global patents.


Winstar Display is an ISO approved for both quality ISO9001 and environment ISO14001 certificated manufacturer. Qualified engineers and production management that making Winstar also becomes Automotive TS16949 certificated. As a leader manufacturer in the display module market, Winstar will continue to dedicate the research & development, design, of new technology of LCD, TFT, OLED displays and embedded system.

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